3 PACKS - 36 Capsules - Over EZ
3 PACKS - 36 Capsules - Over EZ
3 PACKS - 36 Capsules - Over EZ
3 PACKS - 36 Capsules - Over EZ

3 PACKS - 36 Capsules

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No more day-after hangovers. Wake up feeling refreshed.

OverEZ is a natural dietary supplement made with high-performance vitamins and minerals. 

We all know the obvious causes of hangover symptoms: drinking too much, partying too hard, and not getting enough rest. But what actually causes a hangover?

When alcohol goes through your liver it produces the toxin acetaldehyde, which is the real culprit. OverEZ helps eliminate that toxin using 3 clinically-tested ingredients – milk thistle, Vitamin B1. B6, B12, and amino acids – to give you energy in the morning instead of being tired, cranky, and nauseous.

About the product:

  • -A natural way to feel refreshed after a night of drinking.
  • -100% all-natural pill that prevents hangover symptoms and replenishes vital nutrients
  • -Smart 2 phase technology:
  • -Phase 1: Blocks hangovers at the source. Works by flushing the toxins responsible for hangover symptoms
  • -Phase 2: Reloads your body with vitamins and minerals lost from a night of drinking.
  • Enriched with zinc, magnesium, B Complex, milk thistle, chicory root, amla extract, Chinese date, grape extract, and beet juice
  • Individually packaged in convenient travel packets
  • Health Canada approved and FDA Notified