Why do some drinks give you a worse hangover than the others?

Why do some drinks give you a worse hangover than the others?

There are some nights when you drink like a fish, but still don’t face a terrible hangover while on some nights you don’t even drink more than 4 glasses of whiskey & wake up with a pounding head. How are some mornings different than the others?

 Well, because some drinks hit you harder than the others. Yes, it’s not just the quantity of alcohol that determines the severity of your hangover.

 We have a few insights which will help you choose your poison wisely!

 Never judge a man by their color, but you can sure judge a drink!

Dark hued beverages give you more hangover than the others. Yes, you heard us right!

Drinks with dark colors such as bourbon, whiskey, red wine and rum give you a hangover that makes the next morning really tough. This is because the dark colored drinks contain really high amount of a compound called congeners.

 Do you remember the time you were discussing about the distinct taste and aroma of bourbon? Those are congeners you were unknowingly talking about and they are responsible for making these drinks delicious, especially in winters. As congeners enter your body, they’re metabolized into formaldehyde. Your next morning hangovers are caused by formaldehyde, a toxin, which causes a severe hangover!

 It’s true that your body releases formaldehyde which causes those terrible hangovers, but there is another aspect that causes bad hangovers. That’s cheap alcohol. Alcohol, which is of a poor quality contains impurities that come from the process of fermentation.

 Did we mention sugar is also a culprit?  

 The beautiful colors you see in your cocktails are sugar syrups, which unarguably are delicious. But beware of sugar! The high amount of sugar gives them their sweet flavor and also exacerbates a hangover by dehydrating your body! So a dark ale with more congeners & a sugar loaded cocktail, will make you crash real bad. You have been warned!

 If you are someone who wants to party hard & wake up without those awful headaches & nausea, we will suggest you go for lighter colored drinks such as white wine, gin or white rum!

Do pay special attention to your water intake. If you are in no mood to stop, then just drink a glass of water with each drink to keep yourself hydrated & avoid caffeinated beverages as they will further dehydrate you.

You don’t want to mix your drinks

 Another crucial pointer worth mentioning is- Say NO to mixing drinks!

The trick here is to stick to only one type of alcohol. The moment you start blending dark liquors like red wine & bourbon or brandy & whiskey, you will intake various kinds of congeners from both the drinks. Do you really want that?

If you don't want to set yourself up for a nasty hangover, stay far away from mixing two kinds of dark hued drinks.

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