The Science of Hangover - Decoded!

The Science of Hangover - Decoded!

Well, it’s morning after another awesome night & as usual we wake up bleary eyed to ask ourselves - how much did we drink last night?

 This happens!

 So this time, let us take you to the root of the problem & decode what causes you this terrible discomfort which is known as a “hangover”.

 Alcohol contains a psychoactive substance called ethanol. When you drink alcoholic beverages, you are essentially consuming diluted ethanol which penetrates & affects almost every neurotransmitter system in the brain.

 If you had way too many martinis the night before, then a severe headache happens majorly due to dehydration. Yes, alcohol messes your brain along with the entire body. Let us help you understand why we get dehydrated when drinking alcohol & how that leads to a terrible headache. 

 So when you are downing alcohol, your body loses four times more liquid than it gains.

As soon as your organs are short of water, they suck in all the water from your brain, which makes your brain shrink. And a shrunken brain pulls on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull, which naturally hurts very badly!

 If you think that headache is only one of your problems. There is nausea & dizziness too. Well, yes to completely understand hangovers, we have to decode other symptoms as well. 

 The terrible feeling of not being able to step out of bed or use your senses at a normal level is because when the alcohol comes out of your body, it also takes with itself potassium, magnesium & salt. Your body is depleted of the vital minerals which are imperative for normal nerve, muscle, and cell function.

 Dr. Robert Swift, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University who studies alcoholism answered the question, “What’s causing a hangover?” He said,”"It could be the alcohol; it could be how it's drunk, it could be the other substances taken along with alcohol."

 While we are decoding hangover, how can we forget the plight of the liver when we consume alcohol!

 It is no secret that your liver has an important job to do, as detoxifying organ. When alcohol is processed through your liver, the toxin Acetaldehyde is produced. To put it in simple words- Acetaldehyde is toxic & it increases the pressure on our liver to keep up with its natural way of functioning. Alcohol also breaks down and makes you pee out glycogen, which is a natural source of energy in the liver.

 Here is a word of advice. We all have that one drinking buddy who's always warning us: Dude, don't mix your drinks? Well, he is correct. Mixing various types of alcohol on a single night is not a great idea. That is because each type of alcohol produces different types of congeners (impurities during fermentation) which confuses your entire system.

 So now we know & understand what causes a hangover. Guess it’s time to avoid a hangover, next time you let your hair down!

If you are smart, here is a solution. And no, it is not to quit alcohol! (Although, that is a great option too)

 Give Over EZ a chance only to experience a solution to prevent hangovers.

 The Over EZ formula protects the liver and supports the body to help neutralize and eliminate the toxin by increasing the levels of the enzymes in the liver! You will not find a better way to prevent a hangover!

 The Over EZ formula works using the unique and exclusive Two Pellets Phase Technology (TPTTM), which does not let your body be depleted of the required minerals & vitamins.

The Two Pellets Phase Technology (TPTTM) works in the following two phases:


 Fast Acting and Instant White Pellets Phase

The white pellets deliver active compounds into your body within minutes and instantly release the minerals Zinc and Magnesium and the amino acid L-Cysteine to protect and prevent damage to the liver which reduces hangover symptoms.


Time release Blue Pellets Phase

The blue pellets combine ingredients like chicory root extract, milk thistle extract, amla extract, Chinese date extract, grape extract and beet juice along with a combination of B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 vitamins. They slowly release these active ingredients gradually over several hours allowing your body to flush out the toxins from the alcohol resulting in better morning after.

 *Over EZ will not stop intoxication or reduce the effects of the alcohol.

 Moral of the story - An OVER EZ before party night, will keep hangover out of sight! 

The ingredients in Over EZ are all natural and promote a healthy balance within your body.

"I'm not typically someone who likes to take Advil, Tylenol or any other type of pill to help with headache prevention, but I've got to say, OverEZ works for me! The fact that it is all herbal based and natural appeals to my love of health. Just as important though, it really works."

- Nick McNaught | Fuel Foods

I’ve tried a few hangover products before

"but none of them really worked so I was pretty skeptical when I heard about Over EZ. I have to admit that I was surprised and impressed with how good I felt the next morning. Over EZ is the real deal."

- Mark Birnbaum | EMM Group Inc

Not one who usually buys into hype... in this case the hype is real!

"No way to dispute the effects of taking one of these pills. Tried and tested. My productive Friday thanks you! "

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