How to say 'Cheers' in different languages

How to say 'Cheers' in different languages

If you have the travel bug — you know what it's like to hop around the globe. There is so much to see out there, but perhaps the most rewarding part of traveling, is meeting the locals. When you sit down to have a drink with your newfound friends, you're going to learn a thing or two about their culture — and that's the best part of traveling.

We all know that learning a new language is a tricky task, but that doesn't generally stop you from picking up a few key words — especially when you're sitting around the table, having a few drinks. If you have a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail in your hand, you bet you're going to want to toast to your experience, and along with that, comes a word we know and love — cheers!

The only problem is, 'cheers' doesn't necessarily translate within every country you visit. Whether you're toasting to 'good health' or 'a happy, prosperous life,' before you take your first sip, 'cheers' those around you in their native tongue.

Don't know where to start?

Luckily, we created a comprehensive list, so that you can impress your new friends — wherever you may go.


Country Language Translation
United States English Cheers
China Mandarin Gānbēi (干杯)
China Cantonese Gom bui
Spain Spanish Salud
India Hindi Chiyars (चियर्स)
Egypt Arabic Fi sihtik (في صحتك)
Portugal Portuguese Felicidades
Japan Japanese Kanpai (乾杯)
Korea Korean Geonbae (건배)
Netherlands Dutch Proost or Geluk
Russia Russian Na zdorovje
Pakistan Urdu Ba-salaamatii
Nigeria Hausa Farantarwa
Ukraine Ukrainian Budʼmo (Будьмо)
Croatia Croatian Živjeli
Germany German Prost
France French à votre santé
Vietnam Vietnamese
Bangladesh Bengali Ciẏārsa (চিয়ার্স)
Italy Italian Saluti
Israel Hebrew L'Chaim
Yugoslavia Serbo-Croatian Živeli
Sweden Swedish Skål
Peru Quechua Upyasunchis
Myanmar Burmese Shwinlaann (ရွှင်လန်း)
Denmark Danish Skaal
Finland Finnish Kippis
Greece Greek Gia Mas (Γεια μας)
Thailand Thai Choc-tee
Hungary Hungarian Kedves egeszsegere
Switzerland Swiss Broscht
Indonesia Indonesian Tepuk tangan
Iraq Farsi Salâmati
Poland Polish Vivat Na zdrowie
Romania Romanian Noroc
Norway Norwegian Skal
South Africa Zulu Impilontle
Czech Republic Czech Na zdraví
Turkey Turkish Serefe
Wales Welsh Iechyd da
Bulgaria Bulgarian наздраве
Ireland Irish Gaelic Sláinte
Nepal Nepali Subhakamana
Philippines Tagalog Mabuhay
Sri Lanka Sinhala Seiradewa
Kazakhstan Kazakh Densawlığıñız üşin
Yemen Arabic Fe Sehetak
Zimbabwe  Shona Mufaro
Siberia Tatar Isänlektä
New Zealand Māori Kia Ora


There you have it, you now know how to cheers in the most commonly spoken languages around the globe. The next time you step into a local German Kneipe, known to us as a 'bar' — or find yourself having a serefe (beer) in Turkey, you'll be set.

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Happy travels!


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