Fun Facts about Hangovers, that will make your Head Spin without Alcohol!

Fun Facts about Hangovers, that will make your Head Spin without Alcohol!

So did you think, that hangovers are all about terrible headaches, nausea & everything bad? Hangovers can amaze you at times too, with the incredible facts associated with them. Here are seven fun hangover facts, which will amaze you!

1. Genetics and hangovers are related!

Wow. Who would have thought that you inherit your alcohol handling capacity from your forefathers?

For all those who can still stand on their two feet after ten drinks, you should thank your ancestors for the powerful genes they have given you.

Many people are more susceptible to hangovers as compared to others and that’s due to their genes. You will notice many times that an Asian will have less drinking capacity as compared to a Canadian. That's because a large percentage of Asians don’t have enough enzymes which break down alcohol byproducts (but exceptions are always there). Isn’t this interesting?


2. Alcohol hits women more than men!

Before you start judging us, let us give you a scientific reason for the above statement. The extent of hangover correlates with water content in the body. Female bodies have comparatively lower water content because of lower muscle mass when compared to men. So a lower percentage of muscle means that the body has less water to dilute alcohol byproducts.

The women who have worked on their muscle mass are good to down as many drinks as they’d like (keeping themselves hydrated, of course).


3. Don’t underestimate hangovers - They can go on for up to 4 weeks!

 Did you know that the longest recorded hangover persisted for 4 weeks? That must have been some hangover!

 This happened in 2007, to a man from Glasgow, Scotland, when he complained to the doctors that he’d suffered “blurred vision and a persistent dull headache” for nearly a month. That guy was clueless but the doctors confirmed that he’d indulged in 60 pints of beer during a 4-day period.(He shouldn't have been surprised!)


4. Cigarettes can make your hangover worse:

 We have one more reason for you to stop smoking!

A 2012 study clearly points out that college students who smoked & drank simultaneously would report feeling much worse the next morning.

When alcohol and smoking are done together, they disturb the sleep patterns and less sleep in-turn magnifies any ailment. The same being the case with hangovers.


5. Hangovers can cost you a fortune!

 Yes, hangovers are expensive, if you don’t tread carefully. 

The Atlantic reports show that excessive drinking costs the U.S. economy more than $220 billion annually. Now that is one big number!


6.  Fizzier the beverage, the harder the hit!

 A smooth drink says vodka with cranberry juice is way better than gin and tonic or even beer when it comes to hangovers. Beer lovers, don’t feel low!

The reason is that bubbly alcohol mixes more quickly into the bloodstream but you can definitely mitigate the effects by drinking a glass of water with each drink!


7. The richer you get; the fancier is your hangover!

 Quality matters, when it comes to alcohol. Cheap alcohol has more congeners, a substance responsible for hangovers. Expensive liquors contain fewer congeners and have higher purity as compared to the not so expensive ones. So, if you can afford some damn fine alcohol, go for it as the buzz will be way better & your morning after will not be as bad. But if you want to completely avoid the hangover, then pop a capsule of Over EZ, before or while you are drinking. We assure you that your morning after will be sorted!


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