Drunk Jenga: The Ultimate Guide to Jenga Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga: The Ultimate Guide to Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga is a classic game that everyone seems to know. As you and your friends pull out piece by piece, you anxiously await that final turn, as the tower comes crashing down.

Sure, it's a great game — but have you played Drunk Jenga?

Picture this, you and your friends are sitting around the table with a few beers and who knows, maybe even a few shots on-hand — then your friend whips out Jenga from the closet.

Now before you think it's lame to be playing board games so late in the night, know this: 

  • You will get drunk — much faster than you think
  • You'll be in stitches from laughing so hard (at your friends, and maybe yourself)
  • It's a great way to break the ice and get to know one another



    What You'll Need to Play the Game

    Before you start, gather these items:

    • A minimum of 2 people — meaning, it could make for an exciting date, but generally speaking, the more, the merrier!
    • 1 Jenga set (buy it here)
    • A marker (along with some creative block ideas)
    • Plenty of alcohol 

    Simple Rules to Get Started with Drunken Jenga

    Yes, there are rules to this ridiculous (but extremely fun) game.

    1. To begin, lay out the 54 blank pieces and grab a marker.
    2. Depending on the version you wish to play (see below), which only differs slightly in how you present each challenge or rule - you will write the full rule or a keyword.
    3. To maximize space, write on one of the large flat side of each block (this will also keep the rules/challenges slightly hidden when playing the game).
    4. Just like the original jenga game, stack the tower so that each level showcases three pieces. 
    5. Taking turns, each player removes a block (some say that players can only use one hand, but this is up to you and your party — in this case, if caught using both hands, that player needs to take two drinks). Also, you cannot take from the top two rows.
    6. Once the player successfully removes the block, they must complete the rule that's written on that tile. If they refuse, they need to take the number of drinks paired with that specific rule. As you'd expect, the crazier the rule, the more drinks you'll need to drink.
    7. If the tower falls, however, that person needs to chug their entire drink. They also need to close their eyes, pick out three of the fallen pieces and complete those rules. Some really up the ante and after chugging their drink, they also need to drink a shot for every player participating. 

    What Should I Write?


    Now that you know the rules of drunk jenga, you’ll want some help and inspiration for choosing the challenges to write on your jenga blocks. Here is a massive list of suggestions for Drunken Jenga Game Block Ideas (downloadable PDF), but to quickly get started have a look at these ideas below:

    Version One: Write the full rule/challenge on the block

    Follow the steps as directed in the rules, when initially creating and then playing the game. This is your first option:

    Choose challenges that can be written on each Jenga piece, writing out whatever crazy ideas you come up with. Utilizing the flat side(s) of each block, write out the rule or challenge in its entirety.

    For example, a player may pull a piece and on it, it may read something like, “For the remainder of the game, speak in an accent.” If the player refuses or breaks character, they'll need to drink the number of drinks written on that block. In this case, one drink would be sufficient.

    Version Two: Use the rules sheet for the code word

    Follow the steps as directed in the rules, when initially creating and then playing the game. This is your second option:

    On each block, write a single code word. This should correspond to a 'rules' sheet you created.

    For example, a block may simply read, 'Boys.' On your rules sheet, this will likely read something like: Boys — All boys at the table take 2 drinks.

    Remember, you can tailor your game to any theme or situation you please. Some prefer to make a funnier game, while others make things a bit more raunchy. After you have played once or twice, you'll likely come up with your own version of this game — and you know what? That's great! At the end of the day, stick to the objective and you'll be golden.

    Additional tips:

      • It never hurts to drink a glass of water or between each round
      • Be proactive and take a hangover remedy to prevent that dreaded morning-after sting
      • Let loose! 


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