5 Drinking Festivals to Connect Your Soul with Booze!

5 Drinking Festivals to Connect Your Soul with Booze!

Are you looking for an excuse to drink?

If yes, then you would love to learn about the drinking festivals around the world.

Yes, you heard it right. Around the world, drinking is celebrated like a festival which intrigues wine lovers from all corners of the globe. Pack your bags and head for a vacation and enjoy anti hangover shot.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the wine-soaked battle?

  1. Kentucky Bourbon Festival-A Weeklong Fun and Frolic!


Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Do you have any plans for September, this year?

If not, be a part of Kentucky Bourbon Festival where you can come across the sights of barrel races, bourbon party sounds, and cowboy boots. Let the mood reach its peak in the weeklong festival. Carry your hangover remedy, Over-EZ to avoid hangover and join more than 50,000 people and taste the finest Bourbon. Cheer on your favorite eatables and dance on the fast beats. A complete fun, isn’t it?

  1. London Cocktail Week- Soak it up All!

London Cocktail Week

If you can’t make it in September, you don’t have to worry.

Head to the London Cocktail Week that approaches in October! On this occasion, London shows up an amazing way to party like no other. Enjoy the sights of crazy concoctions like marshmallow cocktail. The world popular London cocktail week features various bars, master class, a cocktail village, tastings and any cocktail that you can ever imagine. You can enjoy this festival over 200 locations, so make sure to plan ahead.

  1. Oktoberfest- A Spectacular Booze Event!


Before we get into the details, we want to let you know that this festival takes place in September October at Munich, Germany.

This is known as one of the largest beer festivals in the world. Streets of Munich serve as the venue for this one-of-its kind event. Around 6 million beer lovers make their way to the city and spend 18 days in drink, boozy eats and carnival parades. The 14 themed beer halls here offer plenty of interesting sights and booze to quench the thirst. Plan early before it fills up and enjoy booze at its best with an anti-hangover drink.

  1. Great American Beer Festival-Quench your Thirst!

Great American Beer Festival

Who does not know about the famous Great American Beer Festival?

If you love beer, you must be aware of this best drinking festival in the world that takes place in October. The event boasts of having the largest assortment of U.S. beers under one roof. This jam-packed festival witnesses competitions for 96 categories of beer that take place for 3 days. Hundreds of breweries come forward to offer food pairings, tastings, educational presentations and various hangout areas.


  1. Wine Fight-Play it Safe!

Wine Fight


If you could not take time off in the aforesaid months, wait for June.

It again opens up the opportunity to live your best at the famous wine fight festival. Be ready to trek up a mountain 5 km away before drenching your buddies with the Spanish nectar. Try the Best cures for a hangover so that you can enjoy the night parties at their best. At the battleground, you are granted access to the tricks, buckets filled with wine and water guns. Excited to go?

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