33 hilarious drunken regrets that the internet captured for you

Did you know that one of the worst things which follow a night of having alcohol is an excruciating and absolutely regretful hangover? So, you went out with a few friends to enjoy some drinks in the evening, while ignoring your conscience (and memory from numerous past incidences), which kept reminding you of the many ways your body was going to punish you, the coming morning. Slave to a habit, are you?
If you cannot keep your love for beer at bay, the least you could do is give a thought about what to take for a hangover, to avoid that sorry state. If you need a little more convincing, then here are 33 explicitly funny but demonstrative memes, to help feed the idea right into your head.


Drinking is fun when you have sober friends to drop you home, but what if friends are drunk too? Ever thought about that? Here’s a shout-out to all those responsible friends!


When you dreamt of being a superhero when you grew up, this probably wasn’t part of the plan, was it?


As if hangover issues were not enough, now you have to face the brunt of your boss too. Not a good start to an already tough day! Keep your vitamins to prevent hangover close next time.


Wondering why your phone wouldn’t charge up despite hitting the switch on? Guess you should have double-checked the other end of the charging cable too.


So you booked a taxi to your home when drunk, but woke up in someone else’s house. That’s new.


The expression says it all. Probably wondering – What did I ever do to deserve this human?


Playing pranks on others when drunk is one thing, but pranking your own self – not a good idea at all. 


 So the next time your mom asks as to why you were late, you should probably show her this to help explain. May not be fun though.


Wrong and wrong! You should have just taken the vitamins for hangover when you had the opportunity.


This is what happens when you forget to take your vitamins to prevent hangover.


First a secret house party at your parents’ house and now you can’t even find the key to your mum’s shoes. Best of luck tackling that, bro!


You know, your whole plan of showing your teenage daughter how adults have a sensible, controlled evening without going over the top while drunk, went down the drain when something like this happens.


Wondering what defeat looks like? Well, here’s an example.


Just a drunk lady whose phone is now a slip-on and the slip-on is now the phone.


 A confession that could have been best avoided, only if you had remembered to gulp down one of those vitamins for hangover.


When you are in the “trying to remember how you ended up in this situation” phase, and your dog has a “worried and unimpressed” expression on his face.


When your friends are not lying but your blurry instincts from your drunken episode last night suggests otherwise.


This is what happens in the morning when you black out after one drink too many, the night before.


After a night of fairly heavy drinking, you book a totally unnecessary cab ride, and Uber rubs it right in your face with a detailed map. That’s the universe prompting - get smart already! 


Felt proud last evening for responsibly taking out your contacts before sleeping, even when drunk? Good on you.


This is one of the most hilarious ones. Went drunk last night to hunt for snacks at a store, only to run into Jake Gyllenhaal?! Should have waited before bragging about it on social media.


This is Stu from Hangover Part II in real life!


When you break the shower curtain accidentally while drunk, but also repair it with a branch from the backyard. Not an ace “Backyard Science” trick, but it’s definitely something.


So it is normal to eat up most of a bar of specialty soap (which your wife had purchased), thinking that it’s a fudge, when drunk? Tyler Durden will be so pissed.


You can’t get the better of your mom when sober. Why even try when drunk?!


You thought you were having beer, hanging out with your friends at the campfire, when actually…


When you don’t like the drunken purchase you made at 4 a.m. but you gotta live with it!


When you realize that the pillow you had held on to so tightly, was actually your frightened little pup.


When you said the room was spinning and your head hurt, and your drunken friends decided to help.


When you don’t even require assistance to recall about the ruckus you created, the night before.


Congratulations! You finally belled..erm..stole the cat! 


Now that can be a very painful sight, whether drunk or sober.

Remember when they said – Don’t drink and drive?! Project X all over again. 


Sad you cannot confront the bossy, drunken you.

So, the next time you set out for some fun and booze, and are thinking what to take for a hangover later on, DO NOT FORGET THOSE VITAMINS, alright?

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