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What is Over EZ?

How should I take Over EZ?

How does Over EZ help prevent hangovers?

Will Over EZ make me feel perfect the next day as if I didn’t drink?

Can I return Over EZ if it doesn’t work?

How does Over EZ work scientifically?

What causes a hangovers in a nutshell?

What causes a hangover in more detail?

What differentiates Over EZ from other hangover prevention products?

A lot of the other hangover prevention products use DHM - what’s that?

Does Over EZ contain DHM?

Who created Over EZ?


What are the ingredients?

What are the benefits of each of the Over EZ ingredients?

Are there any harmful ingredients?

Where are the ingredients sourced?

Is Over EZ gluten-free?

Is Over EZ vegan?

How much caffeine does Over EZ have?


Is it safe to take Over EZ?

Who formulates your products?

Is Over EZ FDA-approved?

Can I take Over EZ if I am on other medications?

Are any of your products drugs?

Will Over EZ prohibit me from becoming intoxicated?

Will Over EZ sober me up if I am trying to drive home?

Is Over EZ legal?

How often can you take Over EZ?

Can I take Over EZ if I am pregnant?

Can I take this product if I have a specific disease or illness?

I have a lot of allergies, can I take this pill since it is all-natural?


What differentiates Over EZ from other hangover treatments?

Is Over EZ legal?