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All-natural hangover prevention for active, ambitious people.

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OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ
OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin - Over EZ

OverEZ Hangover Prevention Vitamin

One OverEZ pill with your first drink is everything your body needs for a morning free of pain. Our all-natural hangover solution targets and reduces the usual day-after effects of alcohol on your system.

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Read the latest reviews from our clients.

Sarah H Verified buyer

5 stars
A vitamin that helps with a hangover

The best thing about Over EZ is that if you look at the ingredients, it’s literally all vitamins. It makes me feel better knowning that I'm doing something healthy for my body after destroying it on a night out, lol. And it really does help you feel better after a night out. I’m still a bit tired but no hangover!

Jennifer C Verified buyer

5 stars
Love my pain free mornings

Normally the day after heavy drinking I’m slow and groggy and lazy. I bought this in a health food store the other day and popped one before a night out with friends. Went on about my night, had a great time, and woke up the next morning without any grogginess or haziness. Managed to have a super productive day when I normally would have been down for the count.

Samantha M Verified buyer

5 stars
Awesome natural remedy

This product is amazing! I will not be going out without it. I really went hard the other night but I took it before I went out and I woke up the next morning and didn’t feel yucky like I normally do. I also love natural ingredients!

Sean D Verified buyer

5 stars
My boss needs to thank you!

I love to hit happy hours during the week even if I have to get up early the next day for work and I used to show up to meetings groggy with brain fog. The only reason my work days have been productive at all recently has been because of Over EZ. I don’t know what I did before I found this stuff! It absolutely works, 100% recommend it.

Lori T Verified buyer

5 stars
My go to hangover prevention

I usally get terrible hangovers even with only 3 glasses of wine and waking up refrehsed is really important to me. I received this in my Fab Fit Fun box and was excited to try it out. I took one with my first drink and it absolutely worked!

Lucas P Verified buyer

5 stars
I love Over-EZ, this is a must have for a fun night! Its a miracle worker and ill never drink again without it!

For my 27th birthday , myself and a few friends went bar hoping and the next day I had a 9am meeting . After rummaging through my bag, I found my pack of over ez pills took them with about an hour to spare and was good to go !

Steve N Verified buyer

5 stars
Felt great the next day and made it to the gym

These are incredible. Took one with my first drink before even hitting the bars. Had a lot of drinks and mixed alcohol so I was expecting to feel pretty terrible the next day. I woke up the next morning and honestly felt great! Had a normal day and even made it to the gym. I’ll definitely be buying them again.

Just what your body needs to embrace the day

You can still drink and feel great the next day with OverEZ. Take 1 capsule immediately before drinking and wake up ready to get things done.

  • Get in your
    morning workout

  • Enjoy your
    day with your family

  • Go to
    work refreshed

  • Enjoy
    your vacation

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* Customers report a reduction or elimination of hangover symptoms like headaches, nausea and heart pain from average alcohol consumption. Individual results may vary.

All-natural ingredients to help prevent the next day effects of alcohol

Verified Buyer

“So good to wake up with no hangover! And the best part is that these are vitamins so we are not putting junk into our body.”

Based on science:

Cut back on headaches, mind-fog & nausea* with our 3-Phase Recovery System

  1. Liver Protection Phase: Blocks Hangovers at the source. Protects your liver by metabolizing alcohol faster.
  2. Toxin Elimination Phase: Detoxifies your liver of the hangover-causing chemical acetaldehyde, so you have less hangover symptoms the next morning.
  3. The Nutrient Replenishment Phase: Replenishes your body with essential vitamins and minerals that you lose while drinking.

We take care of your body's recovery so you can say 'yes' to plans:

Having fun shouldn't give you #hangxiety.


Enjoy that margarita and be ready for a full day of activities tomorrow.


Follow good times with good memories. Not regret

Happy Hours

Feel good at tomorrow's presentation, even after mid-week drinks.

Bachelorette Parties

You may not know where the night will end. But at least you know how the morning will turn out.


Be fully present and celebrate with the people you love.

Nights Out

We can all use a night out sometimes. Enjoy it worry-free.

See what some of our customers say

"This has got to be the best thing that has come out in a while. The product gives me the drive to get things done! Do yourself a favor and get this"

FDA notified and Health Canada Approved

Wake up the next morning without the hangover, ready to conquer the day... Or at the very least, breakfast.

  • Contains 3 separate vitamin blends to detoxify, protect and nourish your body.
  • Made in Brazil, which helps us regularly innovate with new, local ingredients.
  • 100% all-natural vegetarian capsules. Made by health nuts, for health nuts.
  • Absolutely safe to consume. Nothing but vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.
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